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Arya Samaj marriages are honoured and appreciated in Hindu society. Arya Samaj marriages are based on Vedic beliefs and practices. The foundation of marriage is based on simplicity over extravaganza, spirituality over materialism, and devotion over idol worshipping. The marriages are conducted keeping the entire Hindu community as a whole and not divided by castes. That is why, Arya Samaj weddings open the doors to people belonging to different castes and religions and allow couples to get married without any bias of caste, religion, or social status. Moreover, Arya Samaj marriages are legally valid as per the Arya Samaj Marriage Validation Act 1937 and Hindu Marriage Act 1955 as they are carried out as per the Vedic traditions.

Arya Samaj Marriage Documents Requirement

Here are the document requirements of the couples:

  • Age proof of each partner
  • Residency proof
  • Birth certificate of each partner
  • Voter ID card/ Aadhar card
  • 5 passport size photographs of each partner
  • Divorce papers of any partner in case of separation from the previous spouse. 
  • Death Certificate of the previous spouse of any partner who has passed away (if any)
  • Driving licence 
  • Rent agreement
  • Witness and signature

Arya Samaj Marriage Eligibility

To commence an Arya Samaj Wedding, the couple has to fulfil the below eligibility criteria:

  1. The minimum age of the groom should be 21 years and that of the bride should be 18 years. 
  2. People who belong to Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism can perform Arya Samaj Marriage.
  3. Arya Samaj allows inter-Caste Marriages and inter-religious Marriages except for people belonging to Islam, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, or Judaism. They have to first go through the conversion process by performing Shuddhi. Shuddhi refers to purification which is performed before enacting the conversion process.

Arya Samaj Marriage Procedure

The procedure of commencing an Arya Samaj Bangalore marriage is effortless and time-efficient. Here is the step-by-step procedure for the marriage at Bangalore Arya Samaj Mandir:

  • The couple is required to book an Arya Samaj mandir (temple) and submit the required documents.
  • Hindus can commence an Arya Samaj wedding directly and then register their marriage. Non-Hindus have to first go through Shuddhi, then perform a court marriage and later they can perform their marriage at Arya Samaj mandir. 
  • The couple can do the preparations for their side before the marriage. Many couples choose to have a haldi and Mehandi ceremony before their wedding day. 
  • On the wedding day, the couple must have a witness and the required Samagri. 
  • The ceremony begins with the pandit (priest) explaining the holy Vedic hymns to the couple while reciting them.
  • The ceremony is relatively short and lasts for about an hour and involves chanting Vedic mantras in the presence of fire and other elements that serve as witnesses to the wedding.
  • The mantras are translated into a language understandable to the couple so that they can relate to the meaning and significance of the mantras and apply them to their married life.
  • The rituals are performed as per the Vedic culture. The marriage is conducted in an hour and the marriage certificate is issued immediately as proof of their marriage. 
  • The couple pays the Arya Samaj Mandir Bangalore fees to the priest to conclude the marriage.

Arya Samaj Marriage Rituals

Couples who want to commence an Arya Samaj marriage must know about the rituals. Here are the rituals that are performed during the wedding:

Swagat – Swagat refers to the welcomes and greetings that are extended to the groom, his family, and friends.

Kanya Aagman – Here the Kanya (bride) is welcomed and her father accompanies her to the Mandap.

Jai Mala – In Jai Mala, the bride and groom welcome each other with a floral garland. This signifies acceptance and respect towards each other.

Madhupak – Madhupak is a mixture of honey and yoghurt which the bride offers to the groom. Here honey signifies sweetness and eternal love and yoghurt signifies good health and nutrition. 

Paani Grahan – The couple holds the hand of each other and pledges before the god that they are one and will forever love, respect, and be mutually devoted to each other their entire lives.

Agni Pradipan – Here the sacred fire is ignited that symbolises knowledge, power, and purity. The holy fire serves as a witness to the ceremony.

Shila Rohan – Shila Rohan is a ritual to encourage the wife to be as strong as a rock and be firm towards the tough circumstances in their future. In this ritual, a rock is placed in the northeast corner of the Mandap where the bride has to place her right foot. The groom recites Asthma Bhava and the rice along with flowers is sprinkled on them by their relatives.

Mangal Phera – Mangal Phera is a significant ritual in Hindu wedding ceremonies that involves the couple taking 4 circles around the Agni that symbolises their commitment and the four stages of life. Each Phera represents the four basic goals of life:

  1. Pursuing religious and moral duty (Dharma)
  2. Pursuing prosperity (Artha)
  3. Pursuing earthly pleasures (Kama)
  4. Pursuing spiritual salvation (Moksha)

Here, the bride leads the groom in the first three Pheras, and the groom leads the bride in the final Phera.

Saptapadi – In this ritual, the couple takes 7 steps together. Each step embodies the guiding principles of life. 

  1. First Step: Represents the commitment of a couple to nourish each other physically and emotionally by providing for each other’s needs and well-being.
  2. Second Step: Signifies the couple’s commitment to grow together both mentally and physically, and to support each other in times of challenges and difficulties.
  3. Third Step: Represents the couple’s commitment to share their wealth and resources for the benefit of their family and society.
  4. Fourth Step: Symbolises the couple’s commitment to acquire knowledge, wisdom, happiness, harmony and understanding in their relationship.
  5. Fifth Step: Signifies the couple’s commitment to have children and build a family together.
  6. Sixth Step: Represents the couple’s commitment to share pleasures, experiences, joy, laughter, and companionship.
  7. Seventh Step: Represents the couple’s commitment to remain lifelong friends and partners and support and love each other unconditionally.

Sindoor – The groom puts the Sindoor on the parting lines on the bride’s forehead and welcomes her to become his eternal partner.

Shanti Path – Here the relatives and guests recite a hymn with the pandit ji to give blessings to the couple.

Arya Samaj Marriage Registration

Couples who want to register their Arya Samaj Marriage in Bangalore must make an appointment at the sub-divisional magistrate’s office to fill out the registration form and submit all the proofs along with the required documents.

Arya Samaj Mandir Bangalore Fees

Arya Samaj marriages are simple and cost-efficient compared to other forms of marriages. Arya Samaj does not follow the system of dowry. The Arya Samaj mandir Bangalore fees is ₹5100 which includes all the wedding rituals, the cost of the marriage certificate, the marriage registration fee, the rent of the venue, the puja material, and the marriage affidavit fee. If in case, the couple desires to process the government registration of the marriage, then they have to pay the separate fees.

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If you have decided to initiate a marriage at Arya Samaj mandir for marriage in Bangalore but are uncertain about dealing with the entire process, then you can contact Arya Samaj Mandir Pandit to manage your ceremony. We help clients with their marriage, keeping confidentiality, adherence to Vedic rites, and authentication in mind. We have transparent pricing and we conduct marriages all across India. You can call us at Arya Samaj mandir Bangalore contact number at +91-8178686454to conduct a hassle-free wedding. 


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