What are the traditions and customs of pre-wedding followed in arya samaj mandir?

traditional hindu marriage going on in which some hindu ritual is happening and bride and groom is dressed up in traditional indian dress

Arya Samaj Mandir arranges weddings that are fundamental yet wealthy in vitality and are performed by Vedic functions. Unlike other Hindu weddings, an Arya Samaj wedding does exclude rich complex topic and are known for their straight forwardness and are for the most part shoddy. The mantras rambled in the midst of the capacity are changed over into a vernacular which the couple understands and the couple is elucidated the significance of every mantra. An Arya Samaj wedding can be performed by any religion. The pre and post wedding traditions may vacillate dependent upon the regional and social establishment of the couple. Arya Samaj weddings don’t have confidence in image love therefore the wedding is performed with fire as the witness. The wedding administration is short and essential and as a general rule continues for around a hour.

Pre Wedding Rituals

Sangeet : This is a fun capacity which is held at the woman of great importance’s home two or three days before the wedding. This incorporates the woman of great importance’s female partners and relatives singing society tunes and praising the new stage which will spread out in her life.

Mehendi : This is a limit with respect to women of the family and the woman of great importance’s female allies which is held at the woman of great importance’s home, ordinarily two days going before the wedding. This underlying advance is to sterilize the woman before she is decked for her colossal day. A paste of turmeric and sandalwood is associated with the woman of great importance to-be. This is considered to purify the woman of great importance and decorate her looks. By then erratic henna designs are guilefully attracted gazing her face and feet to brighten the woman for her immense day. Mehendi is furthermore associated with the guest show at the capacity.

Brahmbhoj : This custom incorporates supporting sixteen Brahmins on the morning of the wedding. This is a basic and standard specially practiced at all Arya Samaj Weddings. It is seen as especially great and the Brahmins are typically served by relatives.

Chudha and Nath : This administration is seen by North Indian Arya Samaj is, for instance, Punjabi’s. The administration is driven by the woman of great importance’s maternal uncle. He slips a course of action of twenty-one red ivory bangles. Twenty-one is believed to be a great number and the red shading is connected with women in the midst of weddings. Her uncle also gifts a nose ring-nath for her wedding.

Along these lines, these are the customs of pre-weeding took after for mastermind and love marriage in Arya Samaj.

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